Mario Andretti
signing "An American in Europe"
Le Mans 2000
Talk with Jacky Ickx
Francorchamps 2002
With Dan Gurney
Francrochamps, May 2002
Jochen Mass
signing "Le retour du Maître"
Francorchamps 2005
With Stirling Moss
signing the print "The King and his court"
Le Mans 2001
With Jurgen Barth
Le Mans 24 Hours 2001
At Jacky's house
signing the edition "Le retour du Maître"
November 2004
Jean Blaton "Beurlys"
signing "Le Mans 67" edition
Henri Pescarolo
Le Mans 24 Hours 1998
Presentation of "The redoubtable missile"
with speaker Bruno Vandenstick, drivers Andy Wallace & Olivier Grouillard
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